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We are open from 08:00 until 18:30 every weekday. Come to us if you need help. Your emergencies are our priority!

If we are not open, the 24-hour emergency clinics are there for you. Belmont Veterinary Clinic, Rondebosch, Panorama Veterinary Clinic in Panorama and the Cape Animal Medical Centre in Kenilworth.


Are your animal's vaccinations up to date? You need to be aware of the vaccinations available for your pets and it is important to keep these vaccinations up to date annually!

If you are a client with us, your pets will receive a reminder annually to ensure you bring them to the vet!

Surgical Procedures

We have a fully equipped surgery and qualified Veterinary Surgeons able to cope with anything your pets may require.

Included in our surgery are full x-ray facilities and ensuring that we are able to give you immediate answers.

Lab Work

We have a laboratory on site which means we can give you immediate results while you wait. This increases the chances of early diagnosis and might even save a life.
We offer a complete range of pet foods and products.

For Healthy and Happy Pets

We stock a wide variety of pet accessories. We only stock the best pet food, that includes: Hills, Royal Canine, Vets Choice and Eukanuba Prescription Diet.
We also have a variety of pet treats, supplements and grooming equipment available.
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Primary Health Care
Our helpfull staff will be able to assist you in making the correct choices in pet food, pet treats as well as treatment for worms, ticks and fleas.
Or any other questions you may have to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy.
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X-Ray Facilities

We have full on-site X-Ray Facilities. Book a consultation with one of our Veterinary Surgeons in order to determine if your pets requires an x-ray.

Come to us with your emergencies for immediate assistance and diagnosis.

Dental Maintenance

Your pets need help with their teeth.They are just like you, you go to the dentist do why shouldn't they?

Come to us to check your pet's teeth regularly, we can recommend food to help them keep their teeth clean. We can also book them into our hospital to clean their teeth for a fresh start!


As a responsible owner, you should always have your pets sterilised. It extends their lifespan and prevents severe health risks as they grow older.

Please call us for any questions you might have, which may be causing hesitation regarding this procedure. It is important that we do our best at all times for our furry friends.

Payment Options

We Accept Credit Cards or Cash.