About Citivet Gardens

Citivet Gardens is a long-standing member of the Cape Town community and some might call us one of the original institutions.  The practice has been around for over twenty years now, with Dr George Koury having taken the practice to new levels since 2002. He has substantially increased Citivet Gardens level of commitment and compassion towards our patients and clients over the last ten years.

We are one of the leading veterinary practice in the CBD area of Cape Town and work very hard to maintain this reputation with hard work, diligence and our kind, helpful and caring staff.


Our Surgical Team

Our highly qualified veterinary team are always ready to assist, in any and every way possible.

Our Support Team

Without them, we would never be where we find ourselves today.


Nursing Assistant

Hillary is always around helping the business, her gentle hands and kindness make her suited to be one of the best helpers for tiny animals who need special care. She is the one who takes care of everyone in the practice!


Support Assistant

Always ready to help out, no matter what the task. Llindikaye has known George since he worked in Green Point, which is more than twenty years ago. He has since then proven himself to be a trusted part and a valuable asset of Citivet Gardens hardworking employee team.